Note: Please try adjusting your browser zoom level if the sprites seem out of place. Will fix asap.  Will also tweak the difficulty soon.

Guide the tree roots deeper and deeper by keeping the energy levels up. Obtain energy by whispering to flowers.


Left & right arrows - Move

Up arrow - Jump

Down arrow - Whisper to flowers

R to restart


Keep energy levels up by whispering to flowers to fill up the corresponding energy bar. Losing even one energy bar means game over! Be careful of the hazards on the way! 

The game does indeed have an end, it just gets more difficult. 

Made solo for Ludum Dare 48 . Ratings appreciated!

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Really cute game but definitely a challenge. Really love the art and sounds and the gameplay is solid.

Thanks for playing Tauheed, glad you liked it!

Neat game! It looks cute and sounds brilliant.


Thank you so much for playing Skeffles! :D

Awesome work with this cute little game! Its straight to the point while also keeping you very active due to more than one bar. I also noticed a hidden feature where if I press the Space Bar it kills my character lol 

Thank you so much for playing :) Oh yes yes that is definitely a hidden feature :P hahah